Starting & Running an RSO

While there are many recognized Student Organizations at all multi campus system that we encourage you to join, we invite you to share your unique interests and/or talents with our campus communities by starting an RSO!

Get involved at OCC by joining or creating a student group! Meet and work with fellow students who have similar interests, goals and passions!


How to Start a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) / Checklist

  • Review this entire Student Engagement Student Organizations Handbook.
  • Recruit a minimum of 5 students who would like to join your group, and completely fill out the Officer Roster and Membership Form (all officers are provisional until RSO is approved).
  • Identify an Advisor(s) (faculty, staff or adjunct) and obtain their signature on the Application for RSO. Submit proposed Advisor name(s) to the Student Engagement Coordinator. Obtain confirmation from approved Advisor indicating his or her willingness to serve.
  • Schedule a meeting with your Student Engagement Coordinator to get answers to your questions and discuss plans for your organization.
  • Work with your advisor and Student Engagement Coordinator to establish an account at the College for fundraising. Note: After completing the above steps, the Student Engagement Coordinator will review your documents for approval.  Allow a minimum of two weeks for a final decision via your OCC student email account.

Annual Requirements of Recognition

  • Recruit members/officers at Volunteer and Resource Fairs in both fall and winter semesters.
  • Student representatives must attend all Officer Leadership Trainings.
  • All officers must attend the annual Leadership Summit in May.
  • Each RSO must coordinate at least one open activity, or event, during fall and winter semesters.
  • A typewritten end of the year report must be completed and submitted to the Student Engagement Coordinator by Friday, May 3. This report must include the following: 1) a brief summary of the current year's events/activities, 2) an updated officer roster with officer contact information 3) revised bylaws 4) next year's meeting schedule and 5) a fall forecast of potential events/activities.
  • Student Government Representatives:
    Student Government voting membership includes two representatives from each recognized OCC student organization (RSO). Open Meetings are held monthly for the General Membership to give students an opportunity to voice any concerns and receive updates on current issues and projects SG is working on relevant to the student body. 
  • Failure to meet all of the above requirements may result in temporary suspension of OCC's formal recognition of a student organization.

All Student Organizations Must Be Formally Recognized

  • All student organizations need to be formally registered at the Office of Student Engagement and have completed the above Checklist for approval and recognition.

Advantages of Recognition

  • Recognition does not imply College endorsement of the organizations’ beliefs, but provides the opportunity to enjoy the privileges of recognition, including advertising and the use of campus facilities.
  • Ask the Student Engagement Coordinator about other types of support available through the Office of Student Engagement.