Digital Media Communications

Digital Media Communications

Influence, Persuade & Adapt 

Move into a more active role in digital media. Mix business fundamentals with advertising, photography and techniques for swaying people. Develop more power and flexibility for your communication career. 

 Make a Living by Connecting People  

Jobs in the digital communications field might include: 

  • Social Media Coordinator Manager 
  • Graphic & Multimedia Social Media Designer 
  • Marketing Representative Manager 
  • Field Marketer Media Relations Specialist 
  • Communication PR Specialist 
Job Market Outlook

Jessie Cojeen Balius

Faculty Spotlight

Jessie Cojeen Balius is an awarded multidisciplinary designer and creative professional with over a dozen years of experience in the Transportation Design and CGI industries. She is an OCC alum and AAS.GRD Adjunct Instructor with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design focusing in Automotive and a Masters in Professional Studies with a concentration in User Experience Design. She was awarded the Formula North Sexiest Car Award for FSAE racecar design among others and began teaching design to give back to the creative community and support STEAM education.

Gain real-world experience through an internship or one of the professional networking events at OCC. Talk to your program faculty—there’s always something going on. 

User-generated content (UGC) is growing in popularity, especially with younger audiences. Understanding how to create and curate short, engaging videos is a key skill for digital communicators. Learn the fundamentals of digital videography in this certificate.
Did you know?

Words + Graphics 

Communicators usually start with a foundation in design or language. This certificate includes both, so you gain a competitive edge with an additional skillset.  

You can be the designer who gets words—able to draft ad copy or sell a creative concept to non-designers. Or, become the content guru who can visualize the typography and negative space of an ad. 

Own Your Own Mind 

Everything you consume in media shapes how you think and feel—often by intentionally manipulating your experience. Gain perspective on how and why digital media shapes perception. 

Building Our Digital Communities 

Globally and locally, people meet and socialize online more and more. With fluency in this medium, you can help your employer and your community be more effective and more connected. This also supports your local community where you live and work. 

Learn Digital-Specific Communication Skills 


Earn the certificate on its own or as part of an associate degree program: 

Digital Media Communications Certificate 

About half of our students transfer their credits to a bachelor’s degree program. Some of our students are already working professionals. You can earn this certificate in less than a year. Most of the classes are available online if that fits your life better. 

Digital Media Communications Program Plan 

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