Event Brings Students and Their Donors Together, Connecting Legacy and Opportunity

OAKLAND COUNTY, Michigan – Studies say the act of gratitude opens up our thinking, breeds positive emotion, increases our well-being and even leads to greater success. OCC students and their scholarship donors can attest to these effects following a standing-room only event at the College’s Orchard Ridge campus.

Oakland Community College Foundation celebrated its 26th Annual Scholarship Luncheon honoring students who received scholarships and the donors who supported them. This year, the OCC Foundation awarded 250-plus students with scholarships totaling more than $250,000 in support of their future success.

“Our Foundation scholarships help to reduce the financial barrier that often limits students from achieving their dream of a college education,” said OCC Chancellor Peter Provenzano. “I received a scholarship toward college and recognize the difference that it made in my life. We appreciate our donors who make these scholarships possible. They demonstrate a true impact on student’s lives.”

“OCC has a unique place at the intersection of education and employment,” said Daniel Jenuwine, executive director of the OCC Foundation. “We are fortunate that so many of our alumni, community members, employees, retirees and local businesses help our students on their way to fulfilling careers.”

OCC Foundation scholarship recipients spoke about the impact this community support had on their lives, including Cyril Davis, a law enforcement veteran, and married father of six children, who is pursuing a Nursing degree following a traumatic brain injury. He received the Virginia McGill & Fay DeLeonardis Endowed Scholarship, Lillian & Victor Kelmenson Memorial Scholarship and Susan & Dennis Fiems Endowed Textbook Scholarship. With these scholarships, the Troy resident is able to fulfill his commitment to assist fellow officers injured in the line of duty.

OCC Alumnus and Director of the Housing Bureau for Seniors at Michigan Medicine, Janet Hunko, received the Dean O. Webster Memorial Scholarship in 2001 and earned a degree in Mental Health/Social Work. She shared how the staff and students at OCC started her toward a career in Social Work as a non-traditional student, also recovering from addiction. In addition to her leadership position at the University of Michigan, Hunko teaches social work courses at Eastern Michigan University. This year, she celebrates 24 years being clean and sober, and is grateful to the people of OCC that affected her life so significantly.

Gratitude—and a commitment to success—was evident among these students and donors alike.

About the OCC Foundation

The OCC Foundation was formed in 1979 to connect the people and programs of OCC to supporters in the community who share our passion for education. Contributions support scholarships and special programs, and qualify for the federal income-tax deduction. 

About OCC

With multi campus system throughout Oakland County, Oakland Community College is committed to providing academic and developmental experiences that allows each student to reach their full potential and enhance the diverse communities they serve. It offers degrees and certificates in approximately 100 career fields and university transfer degrees in business, science and the liberal arts. More than a million students have enrolled in the college since it opened in 1965.


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