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Peter and the Starcatcher - The story of how Peter Pan became Peter Pan!


  • Monday Dec 11, 2017 6pm-10pm

  • Tuesday Dec 12, 2017 6pm-10pm

  • Friday Dec 15, 2017 5pm-9pm - CALLBACKS

To audition, please email Dennis North at and request a time slot or sign up for an audition time slot on the Orchard Ridge Theatre callboard outside J177, beginning Friday December 1. Your audition time slot will begin at the start of the hour or half hour (i.e., 6, 6:30, 7, etc.).  Please plan on arriving on time and staying for at least 1 hour. Audition sides will be sent after an audition time is scheduled.  To receive the sides email Dennis North.

Please be familial with the sides provided but it does not have to be memorized also be prepared to sing 8-16 bars of a song of your choosing.   YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A SINGER!

Lobby Copies of the play will be available to be read in the Smith Theatre Lobby starting Monday December 4th See Ken Faulk or Dennis North.


Begin Monday January 22 (table reads)


March 15, 16, 17 and 22, 23, 24

    Peter and the Starcatcher

    Directed by Dennis E. North

    Peter and the Starcatcher provides a humorous and fantastical backstory for the beloved character of Peter Pan and his arch-nemesis Captain Hook. In this wickedly imaginative play, we meet a poor orphaned child on the high seas simply called Boy because, in the absence of a mother and a father, he was never given a name. His sad and lonely world is turned upside down when he meets Molly. The daughter of famous Starcatcher Lord Astor, our heroine is on a mission to save the world and protect a treasure trunk filled with magical star stuff from getting into the hands of evil and greedy pirate Black Stache. As they travel aboard the Neverland ship headed for a faraway land, Molly and Boy learn about love, friendship and forge an unbreakable bond.


    Contact Dennis North for the following:

    • Reserve an audition time
    • Receive Sides
    • Lobby Copies of the play

    Starting December 4th: Lobby Copies of all plays will be available to check out and read in the Smith Theatre lobby by contacting Ken Faulk or Dennis North.

    Open to all actors – you do not need to be an OCC student to audition.


    Please choose one monologue to read for the audition.

    Note: Peter and Boy are the same character and there is more than one monologue for Stache. You may pick either monologue for these characters. There are more characters available than those listed and those will be handed out as needed or at callbacks!

    BOY/PETER: A nameless and friendless 13-year-old Orphan, deeply mistrustful of adults and neglected to the point of never having seen the sun. His adventures allow him to find the hero within himself, and to take on a name worthy of the legend he becomes.

    MOLLY ASTER: A 13-year-old apprentice Starcatcher desperate to prove herself to her father. Highly intelligent and physically adept, she remains socially awkward and something of a know-it-all, and her relationship with the Orphan Boys is driven as much by competition as it is by friendship.

    BLACK STACHE: A highly intelligent but malapropism-prone Pirate chief, so called due to the black mustache that is a trademark in his family. In search of a great hero who he can oppose to become a great villain, Stache is given to scenery-chewing and anachronistic jokes, and has a hook in his future. The name “Black Stache” is a reference to the pirate Blackbeard.

    SMEE: Black Stache’s faithful first mate. More intelligent than he gives himself credit for (but still not overly bright), Smee is willing to follow his captain in any amount of hare-brained schemes. Somehow, this ends up with him disguising himself as a Mermaid, which is far from a pretty sight.

    LORD LEONARD ASTER: Molly’s father, A Starcatcher on a secret mission for Queen Victoria. He loves his daughter dearly but is perhaps guilty of placing his mission above her safety. Constantly paranoid about the security of top-secret conversation, he has trained Molly to converse in Dodo, Porpoise and Norse code (a Morse code-like system used by ancient Vikings.)

    TED: One of the Boy’s orphan companions, nicknamed “Tubby Ted.” Constantly hungry, he is obsessed with food and faints at the mere mention of sticky pudding. He accepts Molly as a mother figure immediately, often referring to her by that title. Once on the Island, he spends most of his time attempting to figure out how to eat a pineapple.

    PRENTISS: One of the Boy’s orphan companions. Pompous and sarcastic, he is intent on proclaiming himself the leader of the gang of Orphans but is too cowardly to really do anything about it, and usually follows Peter and Molly with only nominal protest.

    MRS. BUMBRAKE: Molly’s faithful Nanny, a prim and proper Englishwoman prone to alliteration. In the tradition of the Pantomime dame, the role is written to be portrayed by a male actor, who also plays Teacher a wise and mysterious mermaid.

    ALF: A salty and flatulent sailor on the Neverland, who falls deeply and instantly in love with Mrs. Bumbrake. He is somewhat coarse and has no time for children, but good-natured.

    FIGHTING PRAWN: The fierce chief of the tribe of Mollusk Islanders, who was sold into slavery in England as a boy, where he became a kitchen slave in a fine house. He speaks almost exclusively in Italian cooking terms. The actor in this role also portrays Grempkin, the sadistic schoolmaster of St. Norbert’s Orphanage for Lost Boys, Sanchez, one of Black Stache’s crew, and Mack, the world’s most incompetent Sailor.

    BILL SLANK: The nasty, greedy and cruel captain of the Neverland. It is Slank’s greed for the Queen’s secret treasure sets the entire plot in motion. The actor in the role also portrays Hawking Clam, Fighting Prawn’s son.

    CAPTAIN ROBERT FALCON SCOTT: Captain of the Wasp, and Lord Astor’s old friend from their schooldays. Based loosely on the real Robert Falcon Scott.

    THE ENSEMBLE: The ensemble cast also portrays narrators, mermaids, pirates, sailors, islanders and various other creatures, locations and people throughout the show.


    Casting is Gender Neutral, audition for the role you would like.

       Cheers and break a leg!

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