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Calls for Service

Service Calls By MonthService Call Totals
2017 - All Locations
This table shows monthly service call totals for the selected year and location.
Total: All Types 289723473021290828431822000000
C=Criminal Activity C282713252516000000
P=Public Assistance P282722862993285328021790000000
O=Other Services O423415301616000000
Aggravated Assault C000000000000
Aggravated Assault (Hate Crime) C000000000000
Arrests C011100000000
Arson C000000000000
Arson (Hate Crime) C000000000000
Assault & Battery C002000000000
Assault (Other) C000001000000
B&E Auto C100001000000
Ban C030000000000
Bomb Threat C000000000000
Burglary C000000000000
Child Welfare Check C000000000000
Criminal Sexual Conduct C000000000000
Cyber Crime C010000000000
Dating Violence C000000000000
Dating Violence (Hate Crime) C000000000000
Deaths on Campus C000000000000
Destruction/damage/vandalism of property (Hate Cri C000000000000
Disorderly Person C000000000000
Domestic Violence C000000000000
Domestic Violence (Hate Crime) C000000000000
Drug Offense C010000000000
Expel (rest of day) C000000000000
Expired License C000000000000
Expired/Improper Plates C000000000000
False Report C001100000000
Felonious Assault C000000000000
Felonious Assault/Attempt C000000000000
Fondling C000000000000
Fondling (Hate Crime) C000000000000
Fraud/Counterfeit C203000000000
Incest C000000000000
Incest (Hate Crime) C000000000000
Indecent Exposure C000100000000
Intimidation (Hate Crime) C101000000000
Larceny C000000000000
Larceny (attempted) C000000000000
Larceny from Auto C001000000000
Larceny from Building C501102000000
Larceny from Person C000000000000
Larceny Other C110000000000
Larceny-theft (Hate Crime) C000000000000
Liquor Law C000000000000
Malicious Destruction of Property C110000000000
Malicious Mischief (graffiti) C000000000000
Motor Vehicle Theft C001100000000
Motor Vehicle Theft (Hate Crime) C000000000000
Murder, Non-Negl Mansl. C000000000000
Murder, Non-Negl Mansl. (Hate Crime) C000000000000
Negligent Manslaughter C000000000000
Negligent Manslaughter (Hate Crime) C000000000000
Personal Protection Order (PPO) C000000000000
Rape C000000000000
Rape (Hate Crime) C000000000000
Recovered Stolen C000000000000
Retail Fraud/Shoplifting C000000000000
Robbery C000000000000
Sex Offenses - Forcible C001000000000
Sex Offenses - Forcible (Hate Crime) C000000000000
Sex Offenses - Non Forcible C010000000000
Sex Offenses - Non Forcible (Hate Crime) C000000000000
Stalking C000000000000
Stalking (Hate Crime) C000000000000
Statutory Rape C000000000000
Statutory Rape (Hate Crime) C000000000000
Suspended License C000000000000
Suspicious Person/Circum. C200011000000
Threatening / Harassing C000020000000
Tickets Issued: Traffic Stop C200100000000
Traffic Stop C13181172211000000
Trespassing C000100000000
Vagrant C000000000000
Warrant Arrest C000000000000
Warrants C000100000000
Warrants Requested C000000000000
Weapons Offenses (CCW) C000000000000
Auto Accidents-Personal Injury P000000000000
Auto Accidents-Property Damage P323720000000
Business Escort P151816143712000000
Citizens Assists P253120282746260125591613000000
Escort P222188190188184147000000
Jumpstarts P1911131086000000
Lockouts P1814111376000000
Lost/Missing Property P01401500000000
Odor Complaint P100000000000
Sick/Injured Persons P181114556000000
Abandoned Auto/Impound O000000000000
Animal Complaint O010100000000
Court Appearances O100200000000
Damaged Property(Accdtl) O203030000000
Elevator Complaint O000000000000
Emergency Closure O000000000000
Fire Alarm O000000000000
Fire Investigation O100000000000
Fire on Campus O000000000000
Hazmat (leak, spill, dump) O000000000000
Informational/Misc O522030000000
Intrusion Alarm O000000000000
Juvenile Complaints O000100000000
LEIN Entries (non-query) O000000000000
Miscellaneous Complaint O000000000000
Miscellaneous Information O000000000000
Missing Person O000000000000
Other Law Enf. Agcy Assts O000000000000
Public Safety Closure O000000000000
Smoke Investigation O000000000000
Tickets Issued: Parking O333110261016000000
Total: All Types 289723473021290828431822000000
C=Criminal Activity C282713252516000000
P=Public Assistance P282722862993285328021790000000
O=Other Services O423415301616000000
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