Starting & Running an RSO

While there are many Recognized Student Organizations at all five campuses that we encourage you to join, we invite you to share your unique interests and/or talents with our campus communities by starting an RSO! 


Why Start a Recognized Student Organization (RSO)?

  • Starting a student organization allows every student the opportunity to explore his/her interests with likeminded people.
  • Students build their resumes while networking and gaining valuable leadership experience that requires teamwork.

Types of Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs)

  • RSOs can be focused on a variety of student interests, including academic, social, political, and recreational.

How to Start a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) / Checklist

  • Seek out an OCC faculty or staff member to act as an advisor.
  • Create a set of bylaws that should address the purpose of the organization and how it will be governed.
  • Schedule bimonthly meetings for fall and winter semesters.
  • Submit the typewritten bylaws, the date and times of the bimonthly meetings, and an advisor/officer roster with contact information to the campus Associate Dean of Student Services.
  • Student organizations interested in fundraising must work with an advisor to establish an account at the College.

Annual Requirements of Recognition

  • Recruit members/officers at Volunteer and Resource Fairs in both fall and winter semesters.
  • All officers must attend the fall Leadership and Student Organization Kick-off in September.
  • All officers must attend the Leadership Summit in May.
  • All officers must attend at least one additional Student LIFE event per semester.
  • Each RSO must coordinate at least one open activity or event during fall and winter semesters.
  • A typewritten end of the year report must be completed and submitted to the campus Associate Dean of Student Services by the second Friday in May that includes the following items: 1) a brief summary of the current year's events/activities, 2) an up-to-date officer roster and contact information 3) revised bylaws 4) next year's meeting schedule and 5) a fall forecast of potential events/activities.
  • Failure to meet all of the above requirements can result in temporary suspension of a student organization's recognition.

All Student Organizations Must Be Formally Recognized

  • All student organizations need to be formally registered at the campus Student LIFE office and have completed the above Checklist for approval and recognition.

Advantages of Recognition

  • Recognition does not imply College endorsement of the organizations’ beliefs, but provides the opportunity to enjoy the privileges of recognition, including advertising and the use of campus facilities.
  • Ask the campus Associate Dean of Student Services about other types of support available through the Student LIFE office.

Our Mission

  • The Student LIFE Offices are committed to providing a collaborative environment that enhances academic success beyond the classroom, promotes creative expression, develops leaders and encourages civic engagement for a global society. 

Contact Information

Stacey Jackson
Associate Dean of Student Services
Auburn Hills Campus
phone (248) 232-4464

Tim Walter
Dean of Student Services
Highland Lakes Campus
phone (248) 942-3243

Lisa Skowronski
Associate Dean of Student Services
Royal Oak/Southfield Campuses
phone  (248) 233-2712

Marikay Clancy 
Associate Dean of Student Services  
Orchard Ridge Campus
phone (248)522-3699