Student Government

Student Government exists to promote student involvement in campus activities, assist and maintain order among student organizations, represent concerns brought forth by the student body, and encourage community outreach.

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An election will be held from April 16 through April 22, 2023, for the Executive Board of Oakland Community College’s Student Government.  The term for these positions includes Fall 2023 through Winter 2024 semesters.

Any enrolled student who meets eligibility requirements can apply to run for officer positions.   Please see the SG Constitution for these requirements.

Officer Positions Available

  • President,
  • Vice President,
  • Secretary,
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Community Service Officer
March 6 to March 24

If you are interested in running for an SG officer position, send an email to, containing the following:

  • Your OCC student ID number, full name as it should appear on the ballot, and the position you are running for
  • One to two paragraphs about yourself (500 word maximum), and why you are running
  • High resolution jpeg headshot of yourself
March 27 to March 31 Applications will be reviewed for approval by the end of the last week in March. Upon approval, candidates will be notified via e-mail to set up an interview with the nominating committee. Interviews will be held March 30 to March 31 as needed.
April 3 to April 4 Candidate announcements from the nominating committee shall be provided no later than April 4, 2023.
April 5 to April 14 Each candidate will be allowed to “campaign” for a period of 10 days. 
April 10 DEBATES (presidential and vice-presidential candidates only) if there is more than one candidate.
April 16 to April 22 Elections will be held the full week and no more than two candidates for each position will run for office in the final election. Elections shall be decided by the majority of the vote.
April 26 Announcement of Elected Officers will be published.

For more information, contact a Student Engagement Coordinator (Heidi Renton – Auburn Hills/Highland Lakes campuses: or Brenda Lowery – Orchard Ridge/Royal Oak/Southfield campus sites:

Student Government Meetings 

SG Meeting Schedule for Winter, 2023:

  • Jan  23 @ 11am via Zoom
  • Feb 13 @ 11am via Zoom
  • March 13 @ 11am @ Orchard Ridge Student LIFE office
  • April 17 @ 11am @ Auburn Hills Student LIFE office 

For access to the above virtual Zoom meetings, and schedule information for future SG meetings, contact Student Government.


SG Constitution (including Officer Duties). Contact the Associate Dean of Student Services for more information at your campus.
Student Organization Handbook