Student Government

Student Government Meetings 

SG Meeting Schedule for Fall, 2022:

  • September 19th @ 3:00pm (Zoom and F2F at the Highland Lakes campus)
  • October 17th @ 11:00am (Zoom and F2F at the Orchard Ridge campus)
  • November 28th @ 11:00am (Zoom and F2F at the Auburn Hills campus)
  • December 13th @ 1:00 pm (Zoom and F2F at the Southfield campus)

For access to the above virtual Zoom meetings, and schedule information for future SG meetings, contact Student Government.

Students Working for Students

We are YOUR Student Government representatives at OCC. If you have an issue, comment or just want to get involved, we can help.

Student Government (SG) is the official governing body of Oakland Community College students. The purpose of SG is to foster student engagement on campus, and promote student participation in College activities and decision-making processes. 

General Membership is extended to the student body at large; i.e. all enrolled students are members.  Voting membership is two representatives from each recognized student organization (RSO).  Open Meetings are held monthly for the General Membership to give students an opportunity to voice any concerns and receive updates on current issues and projects SG is working on relevant to the student body.


SG Constitution (including Officer Duties). Contact the Associate Dean of Student Services for more information at your campus.
Student Organization Handbook


Katie Paille

Katie Paille, President

In Katie Paille’s time at OCC, she has enjoyed serving as Vice President of Scholarship for OCC’s Alpha Omicron Rho chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, and as an OCC student recruiter. Katie’s experiences in these areas have given her excellent opportunities to meet current OCC students, future OCC students, and many of the amazing faculty at OCC. Katie has learned much about OCC during the past year and she deeply appreciates what OCC stands for and what the employees of OCC work hard to accomplish. Katie also appreciates the unique range of students at OCC and how hard they all work to continue a standard of excellence. Katie is proud to be the voice of our student body, and she wants to work hard to ensure their voices are heard and that those who have something to say feel they have a platform to say it. Through previous leadership roles at OCC, Katie has grown significantly, and she looks forward to more growth through her services as President of Student Government. 

Marcus Johnson


Marcus Johnson, Vice President

Marcus is currently a student with the dual enrollment/early college program, established at OCC’s Orchard Ridge Campus. Marcus is very active in community and school at the high school level, and he has a passion for being involved in the college community. Marcus is dependable, responsible, and loves to work with people to ensure that their voices are heard and their issues and concerns are addressed.

William Ugorji

William Ugorji, Secretary for the Royal Oak Campus: 

William is currently a freshman at Oakland Community College, and he plans on transferring to a four-year university to pursue a degree in Microbiology with a minor in sociology. In his free time, William enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, and photography. During William’s first year at OCC, he’s had the great fortune of meeting and building relationships with many members of OCC’s diverse student body through his classes and extracurricular involvement. William believes that OCC’s exceptional students need equally motivated and capable individuals representing them in Student Government, so OCC’s community can thrive and reach its full potential. William previously served on his High School student council, where he launched various projects to increase engagement and service opportunities for students. Currently, William works as an elected Youth leader for Amnesty International – the largest human rights organization in the world – to empower students and activists to fight against human rights abuses globally. 

Monica Barrera

Monica Alexandra Barrera Cortes, Secretary of Orchard Ridge Campus

Monica moved from Mexico to Michigan, 4 years ago, and she describes her experience as an adventure! This is Monica’s second year at OCC, and because she loves science, her goal is to become a Chemical Engineer. Monica would like to impact society through something she enjoys. In her free time, Monica likes to hang out with her friends, play soccer, read or just rest. Monica ran for the position of secretary because she likes to get involved and she looks forward to working hard and performing well as Student Government Secretary for OCC’s Orchard Ridge campus. Monica brings her good time management skills, and communication skills to the position! 





Auburn Hills

Nicole Willis - Associate Dean of Student Services
Heidi Renton - Student Engagement Coordinator
Phone:  248.232.4473
Margaret Warack - Administrative Assistant
Phone:  248.232.4404

Highland Lakes

Nicole Willis - Interim Associate Dean of Student Services
Gail Adams - Administrative Assistant
Phone:  248.942.3211

Orchard Ridge

Marikay Clancy - Associate Dean of Student Services
Brenda Lowery - Student Engagement Coordinator
Belynda Gambrell - Administrative Specialist
Phone: 248.522.3510

Royal Oak/Southfield

Andrew Muniz - Associate Dean of Student Services
Kim Combs - Administrative Specialist
Phone: 248.246.2611