Apprenticeship Students

Welcome to the OCC community! We are so pleased you have chosen to make OCC your related technical instructional provider where you will pursue your Apprenticeship journey. We offer tremendous academic experiences, and dedicated faculty and professional staff willing to help you complete your Apprenticeship program and more at Oakland Community College

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Step 1: Create an Admissions profile & complete an online application

Go to apply. Complete the Profile and Application forms. Confirmation emails are sent when the application is received and again when processed. Please allow two (2) business days for processing. PLACEMENT TESTING MAY BE WAIVED FOR THOSE WHO QUALIFY

NOTE: After submitting your application, refresh your Admission Profile. You will see a tab called Supplemental Items & Documents. This area will allow you to upload optional and/or required documents.

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Step 2: Set up a MyOCC account and OCC student email

When your application is processed you will receive two separate emails - One with your OCC Student ID number along with a link to retrieve your username from Admissions and a second email from Online Services with your Temporary Password. MyOCC is where you will access your student email account, pre-registration steps, register for classes, payment information, and more.

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Step 3: New Student orientation - online

You must complete New Student Orientation before you register for classes. To access orientation, log into MyOCC and select New Student Orientation under the Pre-Registration Steps card. You ONLY have to  complete the New Student Orientation and a brief Student Survey at the end. While there are also many Student Lingos that are informative, they are NOT required.

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Step 4: Online Learning Readiness Course

The Online Learning Readiness Course is required before you can register for any online or hybrid classes. Log into MyOCC and select Online Learning Readiness Course under the Pre-Registration Steps card.

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Step 5: Meet Apprentice Coordinator

Make an appointment by phone at 248.232.4572 or email or see us in Career Services (Auburn Hills Campus, B110). Obtain a copy of your Apprenticeship RTI (related technical instruction) from your employer or from the Career Services Office.

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Step 6: Register for Classes 

Know if your employer is going to be paying your classes or if you will be paying your tuition up front; or seeking reimbursement from your employer. If your employer is paying for your classes, the ‘selection of classes’ will be authorized by your employer and your registration of class(s) will be completed by the Career
Services office.

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Step 7: Get your textbooks

If your employer is going to pay your books and any supplies through OCCs authorized sponsored billing, the Career Services office has got you covered. If you will be required to pay for them yourself you will need to go The OCC Bookstore at and place your order online.

Go to class!