Applications and all submissions to the F-1 Student Portal must be received by OCC on or before specific dates based on starting semester:

Out of Country Applicants

  • Fall - June 1
  • Winter - September 14
  • Summer - February 1

Transfer Applicants

  • Fall - August 5
  • Winter - December 12
  • Summer - April 15

Change of Status Applicants from another Non-Immigrant Status to F-1

Timing of change of status (COS) applications to DHS depends on the student's current status and its expiration. DHS processing times can take at least 6 months. B-1/B-2 status students cannot enroll until COS applications are approved. There are other status change requests where the student should begin attendance the first semester after application.  Along with I-20 issuance, students should meet with an immigration attorney for change of status application to DHS.