Reflections Restaurant

4th Floor of J Building
Seating from 11:15 am - Noon

Thursday, February 22nd


Chicken Consommé Celestine Julienne Royale
Chicken Gateau, Green Pea Royale


Pear  and Chevre Salad
Crisp Greens, Grapefruit Vinaigrette, Red Wine Poached
Pears, Grapefruit Sections, Brie and Chevre Cheese Fritter

MAIN COURSES (choice of 1)

Cornish Hen Valle D'Aosta
Breast Stuffed with Capicola Fontina Mousseline, Chicken Thigh
Ragout, Vino Rosso Sauce, Black Mission Fig Pudding, Haricot Vert,
Oblique Parsnips and Carrot Timbale

Pork Schnitzel Gypsy
Poele Back Ribs, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Oblique Parsnips and
Carrot Timbale

Shallow Poached Sole Floréal
Sole Stuffed with Shrimp Mousseline, Green Pea Veloute, Parslied
Yukon Gold Potatoes, Oblique Parsnips and Carrot Timbale

DESSERT (choice of 1)

Molten Chocolate Cake
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Raspberry Coulis

Raspberry Martini
Lavender Honey Madeleine


Cappuccino 3
Coffee 2
Sparkling Water 2
Hot Tea 2
Espresso 2


French Pressed Coffee 5
Bottled Beer 3
Wine by the Glass 7
Wine by the Bottle 22

Menu subject to change without notice.

Chef de Cuisine - Kevin Enright, CEC/CCE/AAC | Pastry Chef - Roger Holden, CEPC/CCE
Sommelier - Athena Bolger, FMP/CC